Heather Anne Naples

Heather Anne Naples is an ink & watercolor artist. She currently resides in Orlando, FL with her husband, 4-year-old daughter and 4 rescue puppies. 

Heather's art career was inspired by her own family!

"I wanted a family picture, but with a toddler and 3 dogs I knew that there was NO way I could get everyone to sit still long enough to take a photo. So instead I decided to make a family picture myself! I used the same style of doodling that I began doing while making storybooks for my daughter and I loved how it came out! Friends and family quickly asked for portraits of their own and encouraged me to open a small business selling them to others.
My artwork was inspired by Me and My family and I hope you and yours will enjoy it as much as we do!"

After a year of doing strictly custom work Heather has recently begun selling some of her own original artwork. 

For freelance or collaborations please contact Heather at MeandMyPrints@gmail.com ATTN: Freelance